The Story


the journey is the reward afroblonde aussie road gear

I believe everyone at some time of their life will ask themselves this question. What am I doing that really matters?


It is probably the most important question in the universe because if you truly want the right answer (and yes there is a right answer), you will find yourself at the doorway of ‘great possibilities’. The answer to your question lies beyond this door, but let me explain.
I was working in the fashion industry, trying to ignore the damage my business was doing to our planet. The job that I loved was the world’s second most polluting industry.
The day came when I just couldn’t live with myself any longer.
I emptied my desk, threw my university degree and my resume into the trash, took off my designer suit and I ran. I ran out into the big wide world.
I convinced myself that I would be happier if I traveled.

Before long I discovered I wasn’t running away from the problem I was running into it. Everywhere I traveled, even to the most remote places, there was rubbish, the world was drowning in a sea of man-made rubbish.

Most of Australia’s outback roads sparkle with shiny aluminum cans and broken glass. Toxic jewellery in the fragile pristine wilderness. It was at a remote roadhouse I watched a road train pull up in a cloud of red dust. Its load was shrouded in stained and faded canvas. I wondered how many roads those tarps had traveled down, how many kilometers they had clocked, how many precious cargoes they had shielded from sun and rain. I had hardly noticed these things before. The stains and discolorations on the canvas became quite beautiful. Journeys were etched over time into the fabric like tattoos and battle scars. Patterns that were stories and adventures that I could only contemplate.

I was staring at that door, the door of great possibilities.

Rather than run away from the problem I could now see how I could be a part of the solution.
Those tarpaulins could live again as hats, boots and clothing. As a designer I could see how they could be turned into fashion kit, road gear. The solution became so black and white, the solution became Afroblonde.

I invite you to become part of the solution. Wear with pride our road gear not only because it is better for the planet, but because you will become part of the continuing journey. Another adventure that this time will be your story.



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